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Global Cannabis TV Network Coming Soon!

Education. Entertainment. Integrity.

HDYK TV will launch in 2018 as an internet based digital video service with original series that provide insight, education, and entertainment in the world of cannabis.

"Nurse Talk"

 “Nurse Talk” will lead viewers to answers about cannabis, their endocannabinoid system health, how to implement cannabinoid therapeutics, dosing, and more. Nurse Heather Manus and guest host Juhlzie Monteiro will introduce us to cannabis with topical segments and guest interviews with experts, nurses, doctors, patients, pioneers, medical professionals, and athletes to empower our audience with education.


For years, ESPN, has provided intelligent communications for those

seeking sports news and information. They established and demonstrated

that there is room for sophisticated conversation and valuable information in sports. We believe that we can bring a new and higher standard to those seeking information about cannabis from the sports industry.

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